salt stains on shoes

In the winter season shoes need special care. In addition to periodic restoration and cosmetic repairs at home, whitish salt stains must be removed from the surface of the boots. They appear regardless of the material type. Ignoring such things can lead to the fact that the shoes deteriorate. But this cannot be allowed.

The first steps of stains removing from shoes:

– Completely wipe the surface with a wet rag;

–  Then blot with another dry rag;

– Treat the dried shoes in a circular motion with a cream of oily consistency using a sponge;

– Leave them till completely absorption.

It is important to know how to prolong the life period of already loved boots with the inevitable appearance of salt deposits.

Removing traces of salt from regular shoes takes place in three stages:

– Preparation – small particles of salt can get stuck in the relief of the sole – they are removed from there; zip up to the limit, after which the upper of the shoe is wiped with a damp cloth;

– White spots are removed with a fresh solution of vinegar and water (1: 2 ratios); for this a paper towel is used;

– Natural drying of shoes in Manhattan.

If after drying the salt stains appear again, apply a special cream to the shoes with a thick brush and carefully polish the surface.

Suede models need special care. The technique of caring for delicate suede is different from the usual one. Contaminated areas can be wiped with chopped raw potatoes. Since the material is slightly moistened, you should wait until it dries completely and clean it with a fine-haired rubber brush. The crumpled pile will quickly recover under the influence of steam.

In most cases, the optimal solution will be the selection of an individual protective agent and impregnation. It is applied to the product and left for 30 minutes.

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