Places To Visit During Hiroshima Tours

Hiroshima & Miyajima 1-Day Tour from Kyoto 2020

The travelers around the world are familiar with the city of Hiroshima that succumbed to destruction with the atomic bomb during the World War II. The powerful bomb engulfed large parts of the city, but what is amazing is the way the city has shaped since the day of the destruction. Many people believed that city may not have inhabitants after the bomb explosion is a far cry from how it stands today. Many of the places that were destroyed have been rebuilt and encourage a great many tourists to arrange Hiroshima tours when they visit Japan. From museums, temples, and shrines, to various monuments, there is a lot to witness as long as you are in this beautiful city.

Places to visit 

The travel operator arranging tours to the city of Hiroshima cannot miss Hiroshima Peace Memorial and the Park, which bears a testimony to the atomic bomb. The metal framework of the building remains unchanged and called Genbaku Dome. The park is situated near the dome and includes memorabilia of the atomic bomb as well as an emblem to end war around the world. Similarly, Miyajima provides spectacular views of Japan and the beautiful Itsukushima Shrine is present in this location. Furthermore, the Momoyama style of architecture comes alive in the Hiroshima Castle, which is popular due to its straight and robust walls. The oldest garden of Japan called Shukkeien built in the Edo Period, which draws several tourists.

Museums and historical places

Whether it is to view the works of great painters or modern arts, the city of Hiroshima has several museums. For instance, the Treasure Gall Miyajima Island is home to various treasures of the past. The city has a fair share of historical buildings and remnants of the atomic bomb of 1945. Finally, you can keep the experience to this city alive when you try the conventional kimono dress and cherish the rip for many years. 

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