Highlights On Industrial Wireless Technology

With the use of Ethernet- based networks in industry and the rise of the “ Internet of Things ” (IoT) concept for both end consumers and large industries, there has also been an increase in demand for an industrial wireless solution for industrial networks, but the question that doesn’t want to be silent is: is this already possible? Let’s find out.

What Are Wireless Networks ?

A wireless system is a system that can operate without the need for wires, cables and / or conductors for this. This type of architecture started to be used initially in smart manufacturing and  communication networks, such as: the residential router that sends the Internet signal to several rooms without the need for cables, the device that we use to pass through tolls that are able to communicate with cabin at a speed of 40km / h without the need for cables and finally the system for exchanging files between cell phones over the network, without the need for cables or intermediaries as well. The secret for all the examples mentioned above to work this way, are the various types of wireless technology we have today, among which we can highlight:

  • RFID ( Radio-frequency identification or identification by radio frequency ), is a type of network for short distances which allows a reader system can receive data and a system or label information that transmit this information to him, this type of system is widely used today to pay tolls, for example.
  • Bluetooth , is a wireless technology used mainly for exchanging data and / or files, in the past it was widely used for exchanging files between cell phones, but currently it is being used more to create wireless input / output peripherals, such as for example : mice, keyboards and headphones.
  • Wi-fi ( Wireless-Fidelity ), Wi-fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-fi Alliance and is currently widely used to designate networks that work based on IEEE 802.11 technology , even though it was not created for this purpose . This type of network is currently used by “common sense” to refer to networks WLAN ( Wireless Local Area Network or Wireless Local Area Network ).

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