An Overview Of The Daily Wardrobe

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If the dress code is not clear before starting your career or an official event, it is advisable to choose a more sophisticated outfit. Overdressed makes it much easier to take off the unnecessary tie or jacket – conversely, it is much more difficult to pull the missing item out of the hat. Ultimately, however, the occasion remains the decisive point for choosing a dress. When it comes to day wardrobe, a distinction is first made between the following styles:


This dress code applies mainly to business people in management positions and / or in contact with external customers who perform representative tasks in their position. An elegant appearance is characteristic of that style of clothing. Suit , tie and a classic leather shoe are required.

Business  Formal

In classic office life, the formal dress code is usually required. A two- or three-piece suit in dark colors such as brown, black or anthracite, together with a tie and an unadorned oxford or derby, form the basis for a stylish appearance. In the classic dress code, however, one should do without an overly fashionable combination and large patterns.

Business  Attire

This day’s wardrobe describes the sophisticated choice of clothing for business occasions with a modern touch. There is no doubt that a suit and tie are also mandatory here. However, this dress code does not only have to be classic black – combinations in brown or blue colors with a cloth bag (กระเป๋าผ้า, which is the term in Thai) are also welcome.

Business  Casual

For business events with a less formal character such as a reception, a business  lunch , a business trip or even on casual Friday, the clothes can be chosen a little more loosely, but without appearing too casual. Color-coordinated shirts, polo shirts and a fine knitted sweater are always a good choice for business casual. Men, however, are welcome to leave out the tie. In less conservative industries, the classic lace-up shoes can also be exchanged for penny or tassel loafers in summer.

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